DP season 2 release date, cast, trailer, reddit

DP season 2 release date, cast, trailer, reddit

DP Season 2 is a South Korean web drama series released on Netflix on June 11, 2021. It deals with the same topic as the previously released DP (Dogani Plan) season 1, and deals with issues such as power abuse and corruption within the Korean military. DP season 2 was directed by youth director Lee Jun-ik, and the main characters Gong Hyo-jin, Jung Hae-in, Kim Seong-gyun, and Son Woo-jung appear.

DP Season 2 : Corruption and power abuse in the Korean military, and stories to prevent it

DP Season 1 is a work that shows what kind of problems power abuse and corruption are becoming in the Korean military based on real events in the Korean military in 2012. However, unlike those days in the past, there have been changes in the Korean military due to the spread of Corona 19, such as the use of masks and disinfectants. Introducing DP Season 2, which contains new stories along with changes in the Korean military.

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DP Season 2 : A story in the military seen through the eyes of a discharged soldier

Unlike past works, DP Season 2 contains more stories in the military as well as problems within the military. In this season, discharged and incumbent soldiers tell stories from different perspectives in the military. They still share concerns about their colleagues in the Korean military and various thoughts from the point of view of military service members who have finished military service. DP Season 2 is a work that can gain a lot of sympathy from Korean soldiers as it contains various stories based on what they saw in the actual Korean military.

DP Season 2 : Bad things can no longer be hidden

DP Season 2 is one of the most important themes, dealing with corruption and power abuse in the military and military culture. The priority system within the military, which has to waste two years of time for a single Korean citizen as a compulsory conscription system, has several problems.

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What’s going on in military culture? And what can be done to prevent it? All of this is told by people who have served in the military and active duty soldiers who have gone through military life. Based on this, we need to think about what the most fundamental plan is. DP Season 2 is a work that deals with military life and military culture, including problems within the Korean military, and contains a new story that is different from previous military-related works. By strictly examining internal problems such as the anonymity of Korean soldiers, military culture, abuse of power, corruption, etc., DP season 2 aims to be a motive so that a better military culture can be formed in Korea.


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