Hidden gems in Myeongdong Seoul Korea

Myeongdong is one of most popular attraction in Korea

Myeong-dong is one of the most famous shopping and tourist areas in South Korea, and is bustling with people all year round. However, Myeong-dong also has hidden attractions that few people know about and can make your trip here even more exciting. Let’s take a look at the hidden spots in Myeong-dong that we recommend here.


Hidden gems in Myeongdong – Minipolis

Minipolis is a small and beautiful retro building located on Myeongdong Jungang-ro 9-gil. Here you can see a variety of models of city buildings that are as beautiful as little jewels. You can also use the observatory where you can see the attractions around Myeong-dong, so it’s good for viewing the scenery of Myeong-dong.


Hidden gems in Myeongdong – A small food alley across Myeong-dong

There are several famous food alleys in downtown Myeongdong, but among them, only a few people know about the small alley across Myeongdong. You can find a variety of eateries here, and there are many regulars, so it is a place frequented by locals.


Hidden gems in Myeongdong – Jeongja Market

There are various shopping centers around Myeong-dong, but if you walk a little further, you will find Jeongja Market. Jeongja Market sells small shops that can make luxurious hanbok as products rather than large department stores or famous brand stores.

jeongja market

Hidden gems in Myeong-dong – Mong-DDang

It is famous for its excellent creative food. The taste here is famous for being very delicious, which is why high school students and celebrities often visit. This is a regular address that puts it like a battery. The service and dishes you can taste here are all neat and simple, but the taste and atmosphere are very good.


As such, Myeong-dong has not only famous attractions that attract very large crowds, but also hidden attractions that are relatively less crowded. By visiting these attractions, you can explore Myeong-dong more deeply and discover the cultural and historical aspects of Korea.