What is NEOM City

Saudi Arabia NEOM City is one of the technology city projects promoted by the Saudi Arabian government.  NEOM City aims to build a future city by utilizing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots, and self-driving vehicles. NEOM City is a large-scale urban construction project promoted by the Saudi Arabian government, which aims to build a futuristic city that combines innovative technology and design. NEOM City is a futuristic city that combines innovative technology and design, and is expected to bring innovation in various fields. Among them, it is expected to lead to various innovation fields such as building design, urban planning, and advanced technology. It will also have great advantages from an economic point of view.

NEOM City 2030
The flagship project, ‘The Line’, is a city built by constructing a 170km-long linear building with a height of 500m and a width of 200m. We dream of a city without roads, cars, and exhaust gas, a city with all necessary infrastructure and facilities within a 5-minute walk of about 9 million residents. Oksagon is an octagonal high-tech industrial complex floating on the sea. In the mountain tourism complex Trogena, ski slopes and accommodations are built. Finally, a project to create a luxury hotel and yacht resort in the island area of ​​Sindala. World-class cruise ship berth facilities will be built.

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Location of NEOM City

NEOM City will be built on a huge area of ​​10,230 km² in total. The region has the Red Sea to the east, the White Sea to the west, Saudi Arabia and the Yiprovince Peninsula to the south, or consists of a self-sustaining population with wonderful scenery and natural environment.

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Exhibitions in Seoul

An exhibition showing the vision of NEOM City in Saudi Arabia opens in Seoul on the 26th. This is the first NEOM exhibition to be held in Asia. The exhibition will be held for 9 days from the 26th to the 3rd of next month. You can visit from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Admission is free, but you must register online in advance.

NEOM City exhibitions in Seoul
In this exhibition, you can enjoy models and videos that contain the design philosophy and urban design of major projects such as The Line, Oksagon, Trogena, and Syndala that make up Neom City.


About the Exhibition

Neom City is a Saudi super-large project to build a new city 44 times the size of Seoul in a desert and mountainous area close to the Red Sea. It is being promoted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

NEOM City bridge

There is a clear urgency to redesign cities. Discover NEOM: A New Future by Design, hosted at the iconic Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, presents the revolutionary design principles and extraordinary possibilities of THE LINE – NEOM’s flagship city. In an exhibition designed around the work of globally recognized architects and urban thinkers, NEOM demonstrates its approach to nature conservation, human livability and progress in the face of a fast-growing urban population, urban sprawl, and climate change.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport accepts online reservations for the Neom exhibition held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul (neomseoul.com).