Sweet Home season 2 release date trailers upcoming 2023 Q4

Sweet Home is Netflix drama. Hyun-soo, who struggles to survive in a new home after leaving the green home, and the survivors of the green home, as well as the appearance of another being and unknown mysterious phenomena. A drama depicting new desires, incidents, and death struggles.


Sweet Home season 2 release date

Sweet home fans wondering when it was going to be released, but it’s said to come out around September-December 2023. Also not only season 2, but also 3 episodes have been confirmed.


Sweet Home season 2 cast

The previous episode was a narrative set in a limited space called a green home, this time it returns with a larger world view as it expands its territory to the outside world.

Actors Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young, Go Min-si and Park Gyu-young, who were active in the first episode, appear as they are.



Also Yoo Oh-seong, Oh Jeong-se, Kim Moo-yeol, and Jinyoung joined as new faces.

new face sweethome

Sweet Home season 2 trailers

A summary of the plot of season 1. Beware of spoilers. Obsessed with lust, they become monsters. And he poured nosebleeds like a waterfall and his personality became very vicious. As the monster virus spreads through the green home one by one, the survivors unite to survive.

Near the end, the residents of Green Home Apartment survive by escaping into an underground bunker and moving to a shelter. Realizing that Eunhyuk is becoming a monster, he chooses to die alone in the apartment. Sang-wook implied that he would become the host of the monster and be born as a villain. Lee Kyung joins the military to find a prospective husband. The main character, Hyun-soo, still survived as a half-human, half-god.


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