Top3 Hidden gems in Seoul, Korea

Seoul serves as the capital of Korea and is the center of Korea’s politics, economy, and culture. It is a consistently popular and attractive area for both domestic and foreign tourists every year. Seoul is full of various attractions, from large entertainment facilities to historical sites.

Top3 Hidden gems in Seoul – Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon is a river that flows through Seoul, and it has been revived due to the Cheonggyecheon Course 1 development project that has been delayed for more than 20 years. In the past, word of mouth from tourists was not bad due to severe garbage and pollution. You can take a walk or ride a bicycle along Cheonggyecheon Stream to see large corporations and famous commercial districts in Seoul.

Various cultural and artistic performances and events are held every year in the Cheonggyecheon area. In addition, Cheonggyecheon has large commercial facilities and famous restaurants, so you can feel various charms.

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Top3 Hidden gems in Seoul – National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea is a full-fledged museum in Korea, and its work is research, preservation and exhibition of domestic and foreign art and cultural heritage. It is a beautiful exhibition hall that shows the diverse history and culture of Korea. It is visited by many foreign tourists and is also used as a basic history education in schools. The National Museum of Korea is easily accessible by subway, and admission is free.

Treasures are not gathered in a small space, and you can see fragrant green spaces and cool squares, so it is also popular as a place of healing. Tourists searching for the National Museum of Korea search for keywords such as “National Museum exhibitions”, “National Museum hours”, “modern Joseon photos”, and “National Museum parking”.

Top3 Hidden gems in Seoul – Gyeongridan-gill(street)

Gyeongridan-gil is one of the famous commercial districts in Seoul, where shopping, restaurants, art and culture are all in harmony. It is a street made by investing a lot of time and energy, where various events are commonly held, and there are many unique shops, so many foreigners as well as domestic and foreign tourists often visit.

It is illuminated at night, and you can continue to enjoy the atmospheric daily journey.

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Seoul is full of attractive attractions such as history, culture, shopping, and food, but our travel purpose is to provide tourists with a sense of relaxation and pleasure. Above, I introduced three recommended tourist spots.